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All enclosures for our various products including our battery cabinets, control panels, inverters, power supplies, load banks, etc are manufactured by Penbro Kelnick. Our state-of-the-art metal manufacturing facilities allow us to achieve the following objectives:

Penbro Kelnick - Metal Manufacturing

CNC Punching:

Using a punch press as a manufacturing tool, punching is a process of metal forming. CNC Punching is also branded as the most affordable method of creating holes in sheet metal, especially in medium to high production volumes. The Punch is most often made from hardened steel. A die, located on the opposite side of the work piece, supports the material around the perimeter of the hole, so as to help localize the shearing forces for a cleaner edge.

Punching Characteristics:

Materials for the work piece varies between plastics and metals. The punch itself can vary in size and shape. Usually, the punch and die have similar dimensions. A punch can be significantly smaller than the die, however, purposed to create a so-called extruded hole. Punches can be either mechanically driven or hand-powered. At Penbro, however, we use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure quality and precise punching.

We own two CNC Punching machines, used to supply punched sheet metal to South Africa. Both CNC punching machines are designed to handle large volumes of sheet metal parts to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Penbro Kelnick | CNC Punching

Sheet Metal Bending:

Bending is a metal manufacturing process that bends sheet metal into V-shapes, U-shapes or channel shapes. Equipment used for Metal Bending includes box and pan brakes, brake presses and specialised machine presses.

When using Brake Presses, there are three types of metal bending involved, such as Air-Bending, Bottoming and Coining. Each of these types of Metal Bending is defined by their relationship between the end tool position and the thickness of the material.

Penbro Kelnick is highly experienced in the sheet metal bending industry for many years. For swift and repetitive precision sheet metal bending, we have invested in three press-brake machines. The Amada NC controlled 3-axis press brake, the RG35S and the RG135 with a sheet metal bending range of 1250mm and 3000mm respectively.

Our flagship press-brake is the Trumpf 320 ton NC controlled 5-axis, which has a bending range of 4000mm, and is capable of complex and multi-angle bending.

Penbro Kelnick | Sheet Metal Bending

Pipe Bending:

Pipe bending is an umbrella term for a number of metal forming methods used to create pipes or tubing. There are several methods in pipe bending such as press bending, rotary draw bending and roll bending.

All these methods are used to bend cold, unheated pipes, with press bending being the simplest method of bending pipes or tubes.

Our fully automated CNC tube bending machine is of the latest technology, and this has enabled us to develop an increasing number of unique engineering solutions with the capability of being able to do both fixed and variable radii bending in the same work cycle, without any limitations on the complexity of the tube.  

With a state-of-the-art measuring system attached to the bending machine, new designs can be accurately measured before the proto-type is bent. Spot checking during the production run ensures that the last bent tube is exactly the same as the first tube.

Penbro Kelnick | Pipe Bending

The tube bending and the laser cutting machine enables us to provide the most innovative solutions that are simpler, faster and more flexible for our customers and we have proudly achieved market leader status in this field.

Fitting & Turning:

Fitting and turning is a very broad term and involves a large variety of machine actions. Fitting and turning are actually two separate terms both of which are common in the metal industry. Fitters and turners are usually involved in the fabrication of components for machines, usually lathes, milling and drilling machines. Due to the fact that fitters and turners are qualified to use machinery, they are also involved in machine maintenance and replacing spare parts. Fitting and turning also focuses on gear cutting and boring operations.

Essentially, fitting and turning is used in the manufacture of metal products that require precision to make. Fitters and turners are usually highly qualified people and would have to excel in machining, shaping and plane operations. Fitting and turning, although very precise actions, is one of the most common machining processes.

Our skilled machinists program can operate a CNC lathe for specialised parts up to a diameter of 120 mm. A top spindle speed of 6000 RPM ensures speedy production for large order quantities.

Penbro Kelnick | Fitting & Turning

Our machine also includes an automatic bar-feeder for rapid production of parts up to 54mm diameter. It has an accuracy of 3 micron and can cut metals, such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Nylon, and Plastic.


Penbro is capable of welding sheet-metal parts as per customer specifications. We make use of various welding techniques, such as Arc / CO2 / Mig and Tig welding.

We are also renowned for our skills in welding non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Penbro Kelnick | Welding


Penbro has its own well equipped electrostatic painting section. This process is carefully controlled to ensure a lasting and superb finish.

The process starts where the manufactured metal product goes to the wash bays to clean the metal and get rid of any impurities. The metal piece will then continue to the spray booth where the powder coating is applied.

The final process is the oven curing where it will be baked at the right temperature for the right amount of time.  

Our high quality painting process ensures a vibrant look that will last.

Penbro Kelnick | Painting

Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting is a very precise way of cutting forms in metal or another material. Essentially, a laser is a device that emits a powerful beam of light through a process called optical amplification.

Laser Cutting is a metal cutting process that utilises high-power lasers and optics. Commercially, Laser Cutting Machinery involves a motion control system following a CNC or G-Code of the pattern being cut, and is a tool used to cut both sheet metals and structural objects, like pipes.

Penbro Kelnick specialises in laser cutting services and metal manufacturing services in the Gauteng region.

Our integrated flat-sheet / tube laser cutting service system is designed for high capacity production. A tooling CHANGE interval of only three minutes is necessary to switch from one job to the next. Our 3.5kW machines are capable of cutting sheet material dimensions of 3 x 6m up to 20 mm thick and tubular materials up to 225mm in diameter.

Penbro Kelnick | Laser Cutting

Close co-operation with our customers from an initial enquiry to the design and metal manufacturing, are just some of the reasons that makes Penbro Kelnick the perfect solution provider.

Around 80% of our current production calls for a manufacturing solution to meet special requirements for the customer and many of our customers rate Penbro to be renowned for its flexibility. Our acquisition of the above mentioned machines has enabled us to compete in numerous new market sectors and to develop products which continue to be both competitive and innovative.

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