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What Is a Ups?

A UPS is an electronic controlled system that provides power from a stored energy source, usually batteries, for a limited period of time during a power failure.

Why Are Ups’s Used?

Power failures and related problems such as power glitches and surges cause about 80% of computer failures. An unexpected power failure can cause serious problems. Industrial and mining processes need back-up power for critical load applications. A power failure which occurs at such companies often disrupts their complex production process which in turn causes a significant loss of income and even life threatening situations.

Our Offer:

Penbro manufactured UPS units range from 3-20kVA with 1-ph output and from 10-60kVA 3-ph output. Penbro also distributes a supreme range of European designed static UPS’s ranging from 300VA line-interactive to 3MVA on-line, double conversion systems.

Penbro Kelnick - Ups & Standby Power

Static UPS - Socomec:

Penbro distributes a complete range of high quality European designed static UPS systems ranging from 300VA line-interactive to 3MVA on-line double conversion systems.

Penbro can supply added local content in the form of enclosures, step-up and step down transformers and added distribution features in the enclosure.

In South-Africa load shedding has and can still become a daily reality in many parts of the country. We have been in the business of protecting critical equipment for many years and know the expenses involved and damage caused by loss of data due to power supply failures.

Penbro Kelnick | Static UPS | Socomec

Dynamic (Rotary) UPS - Hitzinger:

Combined with a diesel engine, switch gear, filter choke and “high-tech” control, the end result is the most reliable form of uninterrupted power source (rotary UPS) available.

Penbro rotary UPS systems are located in several countries of Southern Africa such as Tanzania and Melawi. Each system was negotiated from tender stage to its commissioning by our specialist team.

For projects of this magnitude, we are proud to offer pre-consultancy services, installation and commissioning, and a 24-hour standby service for an annual maintenance contract. Calculated life cycle costing analysis proves that these UPS systems are the most economical solution to reliable power.

Penbro Kelnick | Dynamic (Rotary) UPS | Hitzinger


In hospitals, airports and in many other areas where people’s lives are at stake and safety is of the utmost importance, it is necessary that an uninterrupted power source be installed. The minimum requirement for South Africa is an AC power generator with a capacity sufficient to maintain all human life support systems present in a hospital.

The most economical and robust form of power supply is a Genset.

Penbro Kelnick | Generators

Un-Interruptable Power Supply (UPS) - For Home Usage:

A complete back-up power solution for your typical home equipment. Should you be concerned with Eskom's load-shedding and its effect on your expensive equipment, then this is the solution for you. Our system includes the UPS together with a convenient set of maintenance free and built-in batteries to supply you with standby power. Relax and enjoy your sport, knowing you can watch the game without the loss of power to your TV.

Ideal for:

Penbro Kelnick | Un-Interruptable Power Supply (UPS) | For Home Usage

Easy to install:

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