Power Electronics

At Penbro Kelnick we specialise in the design and manufacturing of various power electronics products, such as battery chargers, DC Power Supplies, inverters, UPS, dc panels, changeover panels, and all relevant services and spare parts, according to high standards and specifications.


The maintenance challenges associated with lead-acid and Ni-Cad batteries, such as water loss, sulfation, corrosion, overheating, improper charging, and temperature sensitivity, can significantly reduce battery life and performance if not properly addressed. To overcome these challenges, a specialized system such as the PENBRO NG-BMS™ can be implemented to effectively monitor and manage the battery’s performance, thus solving most of these issues and prolonging the battery’s lifespan


Power Supplies and Rectifiers

Penbro manufactures Rectifiers for various applications such as DC power supplies, battery chargers, transformers, cathodic protection, plating rectifiers, modular 19″ rack-mount units and mobile power supplies/battery chargers. All of the rectifiers include constant voltage and current control and optional alarm features.

Battery Chargers

We manufacture battery chargers according to customer specifications. These include chargers for lead-acid (vented or sealed) and NiCad batteries with capacities of a few amp-hours up to a few hundred amp-hours. The output voltages of our battery chargers range from 6VDC to 300VDC.
In addition to these products, Penbro also offers the service of a specialist crew for on-site battery installations and maintenance.

Modular Power Racks

Penbro offers a wide range of 19-inch rack rectifier modules and enclosures. A 19-inch system provides redundancy and is therefore very popular for the supply of power to a critical load i.e. a system with two or more rectifiers operating in parallel would still provide power to the load in the event of a failure of one of the rectifiers. The faulty rectifier may be repaired and re-inserted into the rack without disrupting the supply of power to the load. Each unit includes alarm outputs via a DB9 connector.

Calibration rectifier for railway

Calibration rectifiers are used to calibrate protection equipment such as circuit breakers. Our calibration rectifiers allow fine tuning of the current to be set on the protection equipment allowing to calibrate these important components easily and reliably. Our calibration rectifiers are available in different versions and sizes for both mobile and fix installations.

Plating Rectifiers

Penbro manufactures plating rectifiers with output power ratings that range from as little as 100 Watt for light duty applications and up to 200 KW for large volume plating.
Plating rectifiers are usually manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. Due to the hazardous chemical environments in which the rectifiers normally operate, additional precautions are taken into account when manufacturing the enclosure and control circuitry.