Since its inception in 1951, Penbro Kelnick has grown to be a leading supplier of specialized electrical equipment for the railways, telecommunications, utilities, mining and industrial market sectors. We believe in superior quality and precision manufacturing of all electronic equipment to the highest specifications and standards. The same standards apply to our metal manufactured goods. All our products are locally designed, manufactured and tested for the African markets and the harsh African climate.
Through our major shareholder Telema (Italy), we have a strong link into the overseas markets. We are happy to serve customers anywhere, anytime!

We offer our clients a strong team doing the after sales installation and commissioning of any equipment that Penbro manufactures, giving the client peace of mind that the newly bought equipment will be able to function optimally.
In addition to this, we also have a team of site services personnel that have experience in the monitoring/maintaining and replacement of batteries for UPS and standby power applications, DC panels and all other Penbro products. This is for our own products as well as for other OEM products.

Power Resistors

Penbro Kelnick specializes in the manufacturing of various resistors and load banks. Our products are manufactured from quality materials and meet the highest standards and requirements. Apart from the standard products we develop and manufacture, we also design and manufacture custom solutions with an application-oriented design for our customers based on their requirements.

Transformers & Magnetic Products

Single and three-phase potential transformers are designed and manufactured by Penbro Kelnick, mostly according to customer specifications.
One of our core competences also lies in the manufacturing of signal transformers for the local rail industry.

UPS and Standby Power

Penbro Kelnick manufactured industrial UPS units range from 3-20kVA with 1-ph output and from 10-60kVA 3-ph output. We also distribute a supreme range of European designed static UPS’s ranging from 300VA line-interactive to 3MVA on-line, double conversion systems.

Metal Manufacturing

One of Penbro Kelnick’s key competencies lies in the design and manufacturing of a large variety of metal enclosures, often custom-built to client specifications.
All enclosures for products like our battery cabinets, control panels, inverters, power supplies, load banks, etc. are manufactured in our state-of-the-art metal manufacturing factory.
The entire metal manufacturing section in our factory cutting and bending of steel and stainless steel up to 20 mm thickness with traditional punching machines and laser cutting, welding, painting and assembly. The design is made with modern CAD systems in 2Dand 3D to ensure optimization of all parts and simulation of the final product at the early stage of the process.

Power Electronics

At Penbro Kelnick we specialise in the design and manufacturing of various power electronics products, such as battery chargers, inverters, UPS, dc panels, changeover panels, and all relevant services and spare parts, according to high standards and specifications.

AC & DC Electrical Panels

We manufacture tailormade distribution panels in various types of enclosures and incorporate various levels of protection and alarm equipment.
All our distribution panels are manufactured according to requirements specified by the SABS. We are committed to installing only approved components into our systems and strictly enforce the rule “Safety comes first”.