UPS & Standby Power

Penbro Kelnick manufactured industrial UPS units range from 3-20kVA with 1-ph output and from 10-60kVA 3-ph output. We also distribute a supreme range of European designed static UPS’s ranging from 300VA line-interactive to 3MVA on-line, double conversion systems.

Static UPS – Socomec

Penbro Kelnick distributes a complete range of high quality European designed static UPS systems from Socomec, ranging from 300VA line-interactive to 3MVA on-line double conversion systems. We supply added local content in the form of enclosures, step-up and step down transformers and added distribution features in the enclosure.


4th generation digital native UPS from 60 to 160 kVA
Masterys provides digital native proven technology protecting people and assets since 2004. The MASTERYS UPS range has been efficiently protecting the supply of critical applications around the world since its inception in 2004 as the first 3-level topology system. With more than 90,000 units deployed in the field across three generations, it is recognized as a high performance, ultra-reliable system – winning the trust, approval and certification
from the most demanding users.

Modulys GP

Modulys GP is the innovative solution for protecting critial applications in computer rooms, data centers, banks, healthcare facilities, insurance, telecom. The system is providing high availability for the business, cost-effective protection and flexible response to unpredictable demands. The entire Green Power 2.0 UPS range is designed to operate in compliance with the EU Code of Conduct governing data centers for reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

System integration

Penbro is the OEM that can offer many products that compliment a large scale project with many sub-components which are typically purchased from an alternate supplier or supplied by the customer for integration into other equipment. Penbro has the capacity and the technical expertise to design and bring together various systems into a single one.
Because we have such diversity, the typical UPS are complimented with our transformers and our metal panels to complete a system that covers the entire solution for the customer.
We then install, commission and maintain that whole system consisting of input panels, output panels, bypass panels, wraparound panels.
The majority of our integration with large scale projects in the UPS category is for mission-critical application that needs full redundancy.