Transformers & Magnetic Products

Single and three-phase potential transformers are designed and manufactured by Penbro Kelnick, mostly according to customer specifications.
One of our core competences also lies in the manufacturing of signal transformers for the local rail industry.

Traction Transformers

Design and manufacture of custom traction transformers for step-up / step-down, isolating, or impedance matching component in electronic devices. Our traction transformers are largely used in railway application to ensure reliability of signaling equipment on board of the trains and on ground equipment.

Single Phase & 3 Phase Transformers

  • Single phase and 3 phase isolation transformers.
  • Single phase and 3 phase oil-cooled transformers.
  • Single phase and 3 phase auto transformers.
  • Toroidal transformers up to 2kVA.

These single-phase transformer and 3 phase transformers are manufactured from high grade, standard sized materials. The power range of our transformers varies from a few VA to 1MVA. In most applications where the power requirement exceeds 2kVA, laminations are cut in-house according to the specified design.
Penbro Kelnick is renowned for our ability to design power transformers with special characteristics.
Dry-type transformers are manufactured to cater for a wide range (3VA to 1MVA) of single phase and 7VA to 1MVA for three-phase applications.